UTPC Work Plan, 2017 ready

UTPC staff members left for Singida in the recent past for a week – long retreat during which activities to be carried out in 2017 were prioritized, in compliance with the Organization’s Strategic Plan (2016 – 2020).

At the annual working retreat, staff this year deliberated on a number of issues one being strategies for soliciting funding , publicise UTPC, work out time table for activities for 2017, devise a new system by which Board meetings are to be convened, how to write project – implementation reports, 2016 and to collect reports compiled from Press Clubs.

UTPC staff visited Singida Press Club soon after they had finished the Annual Planing Meeting held in Singida on 2nd to 9th March 2017

Closing the annual retreat, Executive Director, Mr Abubakar Karsan reminded his staff members of basics of devising strategies required for activities planning,2017 , on the basis of good supervision which will take UTPC from one stage to the next level in terms of  excellence.

The retreat, among other things, make an in-depth analysis of UTPC’s impending development drawbacks which can be overcome,  how a strong working team can be brought about and how Press Clubs can regularly submit monthly reports to UTPC, using related special forms

Moreover other issues deliberated upon during the retreat include a new procurement system discrepancies related to funds retirement from Press Clubs and methodology to be to make UTPC more visible.

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