At the moment UTPC and its members have the following partners

  • SIDA

The Swedish International Development Agency is the main donor that is providing funds to UTPC since 2002. SIDA funds our Strategic Plan 2016 – 2020.

  • E4A

Evidence for Action is a British NGO which promotes the health of women and young children. UTPC and E4A have established a partnership of using media to promote the health of women and children.


Through its project Democratic Empowerment Project (DEP), UNESCO is working with UTPC in monitoring the contribution of 27 community radios.

  • MCT

We are working with the Media Council of Tanzania (MCT) to promoting ethical reportage to build the capacity of regional Press Clubs to conduct arbitration in their respective regions. it is done through training to the Press Clubs Arbitration Committees.

  • TEF

In collaboration with the Tanzania Editors Forum (TEF), we promote regional and rural reportage. We have linked the editors of various media outlets and the regional press clubs. The linkage is assuring the steady flow of news and features from all regions in the country, to editors of media outlets.