Daudi Mwongosi Award winner selection process begins
A panel of Judges, under the chairmanship of Mr. Jenerali Ulimwengu sitting 2nd (right) at a meeting with UTPC Sekretariat in Mwanza recently. Sitting from (left) is UTPC Executive Director Mr. Abubakar Karsan, Ms. Valerie Msoka, Mr. Absalom Kibanda, Mr. Jenerali Ulimwengu and last is Ms. Mahfoudh Alley Hamid


A process for selecting a winner of Daudi Mwangosi Heroic Journalism & Servant-hood Excellence for 2017 is well underway following a recent meeting of a related panel of judges, held at UTPC premises, in Mwanza.

The winner is expected to be officially pronounced by the panel chairperson, Mr Jenerali Ulimwengu at an Annul Members General Meeting (AGM) slated for 2nd September, 2017.

Chairmanship of Mr. Ulimwengu, himself one of the few most renowned local journalists, was confirmed unanimously by his fellow judges during their one – day 1st meeting convened on 11th, 2017.

Other judges include Ms Mahfoudh alley hamid, Ms Valerie Msoka and Mr. Absalom kibanda, winner of the Award for 2013, when it was presented for the first time in the media industry’s memorable history.

The Daudi Mwongosi Award- presentation ceremony has been an annual event since 2015 which concides with a fateful 2nd September, when the late Mwangosi was brutally killed by the police while on duty at Nyololo village, in Mufindi District.

A panel of Judges, under the chairmanship of Mr. Jenerali Ulimwengu sitting 2nd (right) at a meeting with UTPC Sekretariat in Mwanza recently. Sitting (left) on Jenerali Ulimwengu is Ms. Mahfoudh Alley Hamid, sitting (right) to Mr. Ulimwengu is Mr. Absalom Kibanda, Ms. Valerie Msoka, Mr. Abubakar Karsan and Ms. Hilda Kileo

In that context, the Award is presented to a rightful journalist as a gesture of honoring the winner; strictly in memory of how the formerly Iringa Press Club Chairperson and Channel Ten Tv correspondent was murdered, apparently for being a reporter, the one hand.

But on the other, the aforesaid Award of its kind serves as a wake up call to the journalism practioners in the country to be extra watchful, especially when it comes to working in highly dangerous circumstances and as a gesture of resisting all kinfs of nasty incidences of cruelty on reporters.

Besides the Daudi Mwongosi Award, UTPC has equally introduced Daudi Mwangosi Media Support Development Fund with a view to recognizing valuable sacrifices that journalists and activists make to safeguard press freedom, freedom of expression and ethical reportage.

Provision of legal assistance to journalists either taken to court or jailed because of their resolve to promote freedom of the media and fight against various malpractices in public and private sectors, provision of medical services to reporters injured while on duty and provision of scholarships to journalists who have excelled in their career are also targeted beneficiaries

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