UTPC is being faced with the following challenges:-

  • Payment of Freelancers

Almost 80% of journalists in the country are freelancers, who are also members of press clubs. They work without any format contract, their payment is very erratic, some of them are not being paid at all. This constitutes a major problem to ethical reportage in the country.

  • Ethical reportage

Our media Stakeholders complain about the standard of ethical reportage in the country. They complain about innacurate and by partisan reportage as well as sensational journalism.

  • Increasing membership

Our good job has brought a challenge of increasing membership at press clubs level. Due to financial constraint, it is becoming increasingly difficult, for UTPC to provide service to all members of press clubs.

  • Stakeholders preference to electronic media

We are receiving an increase number of complaints from the journalists that their stakeholders prefer electronic media to print media. They say, their stakeholders can postpone their press conference, if members of electronic media are not there.