Within a span of 10 years, UTPC has scored a number of achievements, which include inter alia:-

  • Press Clubs recognition

Press Clubs in the regions are visible now. Most of the stakeholders utilizes press clubs’ services. Services that are offered by press clubs are: arbitration of stakeholders complaints enacting from media products, in collaboration with the Media Council, providing journalists to stakeholders and providing information to the public about various issues.

  • UTPC recognition

UTPC is now consulted widely by various actors, including those from State and Non State Actors. It is an achievement of the sort, taking into consideration apathy of stakeholders to media organizations.

  • Press Club network

In every region in Tanzania, there is a press club, a situation which provides a network that covers the whole country.

  • An increase of stories from the region

There is an increase of stories in our electronic and print media, from our regions now, comparing to the past years. This was noted by the Editors Forum Leaders, who were in Mwanza last year to attend a workshop which we organized.